Pathway Healthcare is fully-equipped with onsite diagnostic technology, such as EKG and pulmonary function testing (PFT).  We have a lab for blood tests and urinalysis.  We have a Provider present during all business hours to interpret results for everything from sick visits and physicals to urgent care needs.


Electrocardiogram testing assesses the electrical signals in the heart and provides information about the heart's structure and heartbeat.

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

On site PFT will allow us to identify and diagnose respiratory issues and help us provide better healthcare to you.


 Blood draws are performed at Quest Diagnostics nextdoor to help identify and monitor a variety of health conditions.

Biopsy & Minor Surgery

Our family healthcare providers can perform onsite minor surgery and biopsy of moles and skin tags, wound care and stitches.

Visit our Patient Health Library to learn more about our onsite diagnostic procedures.